Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hey der Y'all!

This be Cuzin Rufus. I'd be Charlie's 5th er 6th cuzin on our mama's side, I think. Any ways, I heared from Charlie just a few days ago and he asked me to let y'all know he'd be back to work soon. He went to visit his sister in the big city of Hamilton Ohiho fer Chrismas last winter an he never comed back. We just figgerd he was gettin a bigger check up thar so he stayed. Cum to find out he got hijacked by aliens er somethang. Why I aint never seen such in all my days as the letter what Bill Bob dun brot me from Charlie. He dun forgot how to speak Englush and the like. I were sad.

Iffin it be posiball, I'd be a thinkin' they dun speriminted on Charlie's haid an raced his memry. He shur didn't sound like the Charlie we been a knowin' all these years. Well, iffin' he gets home soon, y'all see what Im a meenin bout Charlie. It be so sad!!!

Land sakes!

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