Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Italian Beef ala Charlie

Iffin’ ya’ll remember, I telled ya’ll a while back that my pappy usta werk at an Italian (Eye tal ee n) restaurant when he were a kid. The momma took a shine to him and gived him summa her special family resipees. He gived em to me.  This here one what didn’t come from the Italian momma, but a friend gived it to me. Thay maked it from scratch and Charlie maked easy!

Italian Beef ala Charlie
Here’s yer fixins’: it’ll make bout 6-10 helpins pendin’ on how bigga eaters ya’ll feedin’

Ø  Rump roast bout 3 pounds (sinsen this be a beef resipee I use beef, but iffin’ yer taste goes to a more tradishunal meat ya’ll could use deer, possum, coon, skunk, hog or yer favorite road kill)
Ø  Regular size bottle of Italian salad dressing from yer genral store
Ø  Salt & pepper (cayenne)
Ø  A few roasted red peppers iffin’ ya likes it spicy but it be fine within just the tuther stuff

Here’s how ya be a cookin’ it:

Iffin’ ya’ll gots lektricity an one a dem thare crack pot cookers what we talked about being a slow cooker like aunt Daisy Mae, dat be a right smart thang to use fer this cookin’. Iffin’ ya ain’t got one, ya’ll hafta watch yer pot while she be cookin’ fer several heurs.

Take yer roast an trim offen the excess fat, just leavin’ a tiny bit fer flavor
Put the roast in the crack pot an purr on the Italian dressing
Start a cookin and let her cook til the meat be real tender an eazy to shred within’ a foark (usually takes me bout 3-4 heurs on high to git er the way I be a likin’ it

When she be all cooked, spoon it outta the pot an put it on a biskit er bread er iffin’ ya be little bit of a city folk, you can use what thay calls a “bun”.  (I always heared that a “bun” be the hairdo what them church ladies weared afore thay git xcited an start shakin’ their hair down)

Some folks ok a eatin’ this just like it be a comin’ outta the pot. Charlie be a likin’ some horse radish on his. I seen a fellar at the church social whare I made this here beef fer my potluck take some summa dat white cheese likin’ the Italain folks puts on dem thangs they call petezers. Ya’ll know what I be a talkin’ bout -- looks likin a big cookey within’ tomaters skwurshed on it an then leftovers tossed on toppa  dat. It looked real good when he were dun and he sayed it tasted might smart too, but I ain’t tried it yet. Iffin’ I were a bettin’ man, I’d say a Mexican fellar might be a puttin’ summa dem japalayneo (I cain’t never say dat werd right) peppers on his.

 Well ya’ll give a try an let ol’ Charlie know how you be likin’ to et yers.

 Let’s eat,
Cuzin Charlie


  1. Now this be a rite good dish ceptin I likes to dump bout a half small masun jar of purple wine in it whilst its a cookin. Never cud figger out fer the life o me why them city folks call it red wine and white wine. Grapes is green er purple and so is the sqeezin's