Friday, January 6, 2012

Hillbilly Rarebit

Hey ya'll, haft ya ben a missin' me? I ben a mite peekid the last few days an was just a layin' round the shack takin' summa my pappy's tonik. Sincen nobody gived a rip to care iffin' I were sick er not, I figgerd I'd just get back to work, so here I be.

Hillbilly Rarebit

My momma, God rest her soul, usta mix up this here stuff an called  it “Welsh Rarebit”. Now I ain’t got no idee why a body would be a callin’ something what don’t be a lookin’ liken no  rarebit I ever seen a rarebit and further more, I ain’t got no idee the difference tween a Welsh rarebit and a Kentucky rarebit.  Do one of em’ haft bigger ears er something? I just know I sure do like to be a eatin’ this here stuff.

Here’s the fixin’s:

1 can of tomater soup
Cheeze – that that stuff what comes in a box an thay be a callin’ cheese food sometimes (I be a might parshal to the Velveeta brand causin’ it melts down real good)
Bit a Worstchestershire sauce
Somethang to be a puttin’ it on – us hillbillys be parshal to crackers (not our cuzins from further south) them little round ones or the flat ones work just fine. Some folks what think they be a bit uppity spreads it on something they be a callin’ an English muffin. To me that just be a biskit what didn’t raise.  When Charlie gets a wild hair, I eat it on them little crispy Chinese nudlles.

Here’s how to cook it:

Get yer regular sized pot
Cut yereself some thin slices of the cheese ya’ll be a usin’
Open up yer can a tomater soup and dump it in the pot
Get er hot to where she be a bubblin’ but be sure you don’t let er stick to the pot
Start tossin’ in yer cheese until it gets real creamy and thick like (ya’ll get the hang of how ya be a likin’ it after ya’ll makes it a few times.  Charlie loves cheeze so I be a makin’ mine real smooth and thick)
BE SURE YA’LL BE STIRRIN’ the hole time or ya gonna have yerself one big ol’ burned up mess
Add ya some of that thare Worstchestershire sauce til it be a tastin’ real good. It gives her a bit of a kick an ya don’t haft to waste none of yer white litenin’ spicing it up.
When ya got er’ tastin’ the way ya want pur it on yer crackers an chow down likin’ a hog at the troff. It be real good!

Iffin’ ya’ll can figgur out why thay be a callin’ this stuff a rarebit, please let Charlie know. I bin a wonderin’ bout that since a were a little bar hunter in a dirty diaper.

Let’s eat!
Cuzin Charlie

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