Friday, December 30, 2011

Charlie's Tuner Fish Stew

Mornin' ya'll!

 I been havin' a strong hankerin' fer tuner fish stew. Did ya'll ever wonder why some fishes what got last names an otherin' don't. Fer xample "catfish"; "monk fish" and tuner fish but no fellars gottin' to be callin' a shark a "shark fish" or even a trout a "trout fish". I always wundered bout that there question.

I call this stew 'causin I don't know what else ta call it. Ya'll can come within' a right smart name fer this stuff I'd be obliged to hear it.

Here the fixins:

1 can Cream of Mushroom soup
1 can Albacor White Tuna (IN WATER)
1 couple a good sized hanfuls a freezed green peas
Some a dem crispy lil Chinese "Chow Mein" nudles

Heres be how ya cookin' it:

Git yer a good pan don't need to be big
Git yer stirrin stick
Git yer nife er hatchet what ya'll use fer openin' cans

Open the cans
Pur the soup in yer pot
Drain the water offin' yer tuner fish and dump it in yer pot (ya'll like me ya always save a smig fer yer cat what been go crazy since ya'll started a cookin')
Toss in yer green peas - as much as ya'll be of a mind to

Warm it up an keep her from a stickin to yer pot by a usin' the stirrin stick
When she''s good n hot, put ya summa dem nudles on yer plate an dump the tuner fish stew on top.
Stir it up a bit within' yer foark an injoy.

Charlie yously eats the hole mess hiself, but a lesser man might be offa mind to share and ya'll could may be get 2-3 helpin's fer each batch.

Well, I shure hope ya'l be likin my tuner fish stew, an iffin' ya'll got a better name let Charlie know bout yer thouths.

Let's eat,
Cuzin Charlie

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  1. I done mixed up these fixin's and remembered I didn't have nuthin' to pourin' on top of except some cat food that Katie sticks her nose up at. I got the old T model cranked up and run on down to Slim Pickin's general store. He ain't never heared of any nuddels whats in a tin can like you was a talkin' about. He me up the coal haul road to Wing To Dri place - Chinese woman that takes in laundry fer folks that ain't got no wash tub of'n thar own. Every morning she makes a big mess of nuddels within' chicken eggs and flour and some secret Chinese fixin's. She gave a right smaet handful of them to try out within' the tuner fish fixin's. It were dang good eatin' She told me city folk could get the same thing atthose super market places. They is called egg nuddels. I think I'll start takin' some of my Sunday go to meetin' stuff down to her to get it warshed up all fancy. I can get me a mess of them thar nuddles ever trip and she ain't real bad to look at and ain't got no husbahd hangin' around either.