Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hillbilly Pepperoni Rolls

Hillbilly Pepperoni Rolls
Merry After Christmas from mom an d’em down here in the holler. We all lookin fer a great new year within the goverment outta money, thay won’t be a sendin near a many revenuers an that be real good fer alot of the local “businessmen”.

When my pappy were a yungin, he worked fer some Italian (eye-tal-ee-un) folks in dere restrant. Bein’ a crafty hillbilly liken he were, he was able to sneek out within’ some a thays best recipes. Here be one a’ my favorites! Just so ya’ll know I dun made er cheap fer ya’ll an easy as a fallin offin’ a slippery log too.

Here’s yer fixins:

Every how muchin’ pepperoni ya’ll wants  - I be a liken en the sticks better un the circles, but can do whichever one ya’ll be a liken fer yerself
“Canned” Crescent Rolls from the Gen’ral Store

Her be the cookin part:

 Git yer bankin pan ready fer bakin
Open the Crescent Rolls an lay em out on the bakin pan
Iffin ya’ll got the sticks – cut em up in peeces what ya can roll up inside the rolls – iffin ya’ll be using the circle just be puttin’ ever how many ya’ll be a wantin in each roll
Roll em up an stick em in the oven till thay be cooked

 When ya’ll dun em right, the pepperoni greese will be a soakin thru them thare rolls an it be almost as a good as when Granny usta let ya be a dippin yer biscat in the left over bacon greese.

 Save some fer the naybors an kin an be sure to hide some fer Cuzin Charlie as I be a vistin ya’ll on New Years.

Let’s eat!
Cuzin Charlie

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