Saturday, December 24, 2011

Granpaaapy's Egg Nog

Granpappy’s Egg Nog

Heres yer fixins

9 eggs
2 cans evaporated milk
2 cups sugar
2 table spoons vanilla extract
2 tea spoons lemon extract
Fresh milk from Bessie


Ya'll gonna need a few spaseeile tools fer this one:

Granny’s big mixin boll – that one what she uses fer the tater salad at the church picknick
A milk can er a bucket er a moonshine jug causin’ this here makes bout gallun and haf
Iffin ya’ll better at book learnin than me an can figgur out how to make less, that be ok within me.

Mixin er up be really easy
Ya’ll just be a puttin the eggs in the boll ferst an beatin em up reall good within the egg beater
Then just dump everthang else in the boll and beat er up some more till it be good and smooth
Dump er from the boll inta the milk can and pur in Bessies milk until ya’ll git an idee if be a tastin just bout the way ya want’er to. Iffin ya’ll puts in too much milk yer gonna lose the sweet creamy taste of all the good stuff whatin ya’ll mix’d up ferst

Thare ya go! Pur it out an drink er up.

Granpappy usta always say iffin thare were’nt no CHRIST in Christmas it just be a dab blame mess. Never were quite sure what he were a meanin to say thare septin it be a good thang to member the hole reason fer the selleebrashun be Jesus burthday. Iffin I can member rightly I be a thinkin CHRIST is Jesus last name. That be why in the holler we always be a tellin everybody MERRY CHRISTmas ya’ll!

Watch out fer Santa an dem crazy raindeers, ya’ll member what happened to Grandma

Merry Christmas,
Cuzin Charlie


  1. These is fine fixin's. I guess I slurped up a mite too much of Uncle Elmon's corn squeezin's an forgot an done left the big tater salad bowl out on the table next to woodshed where I milk old Elsie and chop off chicken heads. I done went out to the out house di mornin' and saw the bowl there where I left it. I figered the coons and possums wud have slurped it all up but dang if it weren't freezed solid. I fetch it in the house and after it het up just a wee bit it were a dang site better than that fancy frozen stuff that comes outa those big side ways milk cans at dem frosty freeze places in the city

  2. Ya'll meanin' to tell Charlie dun et freezed egg nog? Who ever heared a such a thang! But it were good huh? Dadgum it I guess I just gonna haft to man up and give er a try.

    Freezed egg nog! Who ever heared a such a thang?

  3. Twas rite gud. Reckon you could freeze up the youngun's kinda yer fruit punch fixin's ifn yer had a good mind to. The gooder stuff fer the oldr folks ain't gonna freeze no how with them corn squeezin's mixed in.