Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tater Soup

Tater Soup
Hey ya’ll.
Sorry I am a little late getting to my writin’ tonight. I had me a busy day shoppin’.  Once you git outta the holler, it surprises a body just how many dumpsters  they is . Why most every bildun’s got one somewhere. I purdy near got everythin I was a needin fir the family taday.

Well I no ya’ll don’t visit yer ole cuz fir shoppin nitemere stories so here’s tomorrer’s lunch or supper. Ain’t nobody I dun ever met what don’t like some good tater soup. Here we go….

Git ya some TATERS, iffin ya is nere one of them supermarket places, they dun got em all gussied up in little peeces likin you gonna want and dun put in a bag in them big ole frigerater thangs within the glass doors! I always use them iffin I gits the chance
Git ya a little ONYUN and some CELLRY whatin ya’ll can chop up within yer nife er hatchet
Git ya a goodly sized handful a BUTTER
Git yerself some fresh MILK from old Bessie out back
Here’s Cuzin’ Charlie’s secret weapon fir tater soup which I’d be kindly obliged iffin you’d keep a secret to --- BUTTERMILK. Summa ya’ll city folk may not no what buttermilk is, but when yewr a churnin butter it be what’s left when yer butter done got to be butter.

Now heres how you cook er up:

Git yewr big pot fir thisn
Put ever how many TATERs ya’ll wants to cook outta the bag in yer pot
Chop up yer ONYUN and soma yewr CELLRY and toss it in to. (Now Cuzin Charlie don’t like them thar onyuns. I thinks they be the food from hell, so I just put in a few. Iffin you ain’t got no better sents than to eat the thangs, put in as many as ya’ll want. Just don’t spect me to join ya fir dinner)
Fir the CELLRY, I like bout halfin Pappys callfee cup fir each full callfee cup a taters ya toss in, but ya’ll can just guess bout what’ll taste good to ya’ll

When ya git yer fixins in the pot put ya some water on top just a nuff to cover the fixins than turn on the stove an let er rip. Ya wanna let er boal (thats with the bubbles and steam a flyin) til yer taters and stuff is nice and soft
After ya dun boald the fixins til theys nice and soft, git yer stirrin stick ready
Poor summa milk and buttermilk in yer pot. I gotta mind to put bout the same a both causin’ I shur do like the taste of buttermilk, but ya’ll can lick the stirrin stick an be shur yer a likin the taste afor ya mess er up and gotta to start over. Just use yer horse sents bout how much to poor in causin this be a good place to use yer charm! 
Toss in yer handful a butter
Keep a stirrin within yer stick til it gits good an hot. Now Granny , God rest her soul, taut Charlie never to boal yer milk. Ya just wanna skald her real good…. Got it?
While yas a lickin the stirrin stick se how much salt and pepper ya'll want toss in the soup so it tastes just right

Now, iffin ya’ll got a hankerin fir real thick soup ya’ll can git ya a spoon an git summa the soup inna boll an than mix in some flour. Stir er up reel fine til there ain’t no lumps and dump it back in the pot and cook fir a minut er so an watch yer soup start to lookin more likin tater gravey.

Now mosta ya’ll probly had tater soup afore, but Cuzin Charlie saays  it be the buttermilk what makes his tater soup the best in the hole gull derned holler.

Let’s eat,
Cuzin Charlie

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