Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Thanks for coming by y'all. I would be Cuzin Charlie, but you could call me The Hillbilly Chef, but they's some other fellers out there what calls themself that, so y'all better just call me cuz, cuzin Charlie, or just Charlie. My cuzins get a little mad sometimes cause they say  I am gonna give the family a bad name callin myself a gull dern CHEF instead of a cook. When they ain't cussin me out I keep telling em just cause they ain't got no cuth don't mean I got act some uneducated hick. After all I was the first one in my family to gradgeeate the 8th grade.

Well nuff said bout that stuff. I am goin to write some good recipes for y'all with no big words or fancy measuring stuff that nobody exceptin my brother the injuneer can understand. I will do my best to get them so you can read them. I am havin a hard time with this here computer cause it keeps puttin red lines under half what I'm trying to say. Does this here machine think it can talk better English than a redblooded American boy like me? I don't think so!

Well it time for my nap before supper, so I'll talk to y'all after bit.
Cuzin Charlie 

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  1. Them red lines on yer computer is cause them dang folks out there on the left coast didn't put many real US of A words in the dang dictionary they ship with computers. I got the garbage man that fixes up computers at night when he ain't pickin' up no garbage to show me how to put them real words in the computer dictionary and make those red lines go away. You need to fix some good grub for yer gabage man and get him to show you how too.