Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cuzin Charlie's Christmas Punch

Charlie’s Christmas Punch

Member when you was a kid and the bully uppin the tuther end a the holler would ketch ya coming down by the crick an say how’d ya’ll be likin a punch it the nose? Well Charlie’s punch is a kick in yer tastin buds.

Now thays a couple a ways what to brew this here punch up dependin on whos a gonna be a drinkin it. Iffin the yungins is gonna git some you gonna wanna use Uncle Jimmys version, but iffin it be just the men folk or adults a drinkin ya’ll use one a Charlies recipes.

Uncle Jimmys version:

Takin equal parts Cranberry Juice an one a the follerin:
            Cranberry Ginger Ale
            Sparklin Grape Juice or Apple Cider
            Plain ginger Ale or Sprite, 7-Up er the such
Git ya’ll some Rasberry shebert ice cream
Pur yer liquid fixins in a jug er a pitchar an stir er shake it real good
Pur some out in a glass an put a big scoopin yer sheberty ice cream on top and yer done

Now, iffin yer a makin this punch fer the men folk ya’ll might wanna add some a Granpappys white lightnin to the recipe to make it a little more innerestin when Santer Claws be comin down yer chimley

Iffin ya’ll got women folks ya’ll tryin to impress git yerself some cheap champane from that French fellar, Jon Clod,  an use it stead a the tuther fixins. Ya’ll gotta use the cranberry juice causin its what gives the flavor. It be the white lightning what gives it the “punch”.

Now ya’ll knows I likes to be a pullin yer leg some time cause thay ain’t nuthin Charles likes better than funnin people. Ya’ll know Granpappy ain’t obliged to be a cookin no white lightnin no more since he had that visit from the revenuers back a spell. So Charlie fer all prakticull perposes don’t waste nunna granpappys good corn licker on no punch. I dun made me a deal with Jon Clod fer the champane and I’d reckomend ya’ll do the same. Now iffin ya’ll be of the mind to take a Mason jer within ya’ll when ya goes to visit Jon Clod, he may git the idee to be givin ya’ll the same deal he give me… iffin ya’ll no what I mean.

Just a wurd a cawshun to my fellar Kentuckians, iffin ya’ll try puttin some good ole Kentucky Bourbon in this here mix, the taste ain’t gonna be to the likin a most folks and ya’ll gonna spoil some good bourbon a doin it. Take it from Charlie, I dun try’d it an I winded up havin to drink the gull derned batch maself. Come to think bout it that weren’t such a bad Christmas after all!

Let’s drink up ya’ll
Cuzin Charlie

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