Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Charlie's Chicken Puddin'

Senior Raphael’s Caseroll
(Cuzin Charlie’s Chicken Puddin’)

Howdy ya’ll. Member I told ya’ll awile back I’d made friends with them Mexican fellars? Here be nuther one a thare recipes which I took a hankerin to. My friends name is Raphael which I’m a guessin might be Mexican for Ralph whats a purdy good hillbilly name.

When Raphael first was tellin me how to make this here caseroll, he sayed I was gonna need to git me a slow cooker. I sayed that there would aunt Daisy Mae cause she were slower than cold moleasses waitin fir Christmas. He looked at me like I dun just falled offen the turnip truck and sayed “Charlie its what you call a crock pot”. I figgured it must some gull derned Mexican invention so I went to the outhouse and snatched what were left of the Sears catalog to see iffin I could find a crock pot. Sure nuff they was one in there. Thank goodness I got there befir Uncle Billy. He takes 10 er 12 pages more than a body should need. I’d a probably missed it.

Well here be Raphaels caseroll, but I likin to call it Chicken Puddin’:

2-3 good sized chicken breasts what been skinned and wershed
2 can creamy chicken soup
1 can creamy cellry soup
1 can creamy mushroom soup
2 them thar little bitty cans a green chilly peppers chopped up reel good
1 a Pappy’s callfee cups full sour cream (I cain’t fir the life a me figgur out why them Mexican fellars don’t like fresh cream . Seems like they is always goin fir that sour stuff what’s all thick an gooey likin half churned butter)
1 pack, bout 10-12 flour tortillas (theys those thangs what looks likin Granny’s nudles fir she cuts um up innta nudles – flat as a pancake)
2-3 good sized handfuls a grated cheddar cheese

Now when yer a cookin this ya’ll gotta do it just likin Raphel telled Charlie or it gonna taste likin  yesterday’s dish water. All righty? Just foller directshuns and ya’ll be right as 2 rabbits.

Git yer good pot outtin the cupburd
Git yer crock pot slow cooker, not aunt Daisy Mae, ready to go
Puttin yer chickin breast in the pot within some water and boll em real strong until theys cooked real tender; then ya’ll gonna takin yer knife ere hatchet and chop em up into little peeces
Borrery Granny’s big ole mixin bowl she uses fir tater salad at the church picknick an start pourin in all yer soup, sour cream and chilly peppers
Git yer knife er hatchet an chop them thar tortilla pancakes innta strips boutin the size of yer thumb
Git yerself a goodly hanful a lard from and greaze down the insides of the crock pot soin’ yer caseroll don’t stick. Now iffin ya’ll ain’t got the stomach fir putting yer hands in the lard crock, Raphael says ya’ll can use that thar sprayin lard what comes in the hairspray cans
Once ya gottin yer chicken chopped and yer soup an stuff all mixed up real good go ahead an dump the chicken right in the tater salad bowl within that thar soup slop ya ‘ll made and stir it up real good within yer stirrin stick. Iffin ya’ll dun it right likin I telled ya’ll, I should look like nanner puddin with chicken stead of nanners in it                                                               . 
  Ok now pay tention real close this is the hard part … Take them thar little stips of tortilla pancakes an lay em down in yer greezed crock pot likin you was ta be makin a pie crust. Make sure the bottom is covered real good. Save rest of the pancakes fir the next layers.

Now git ya a big stirrin spoon an putta layer of the chickin puddin’ on a top a ther tortilla pancakes til thays covered real good within puddin’.

Now ya’ll got the hang of it keep on a doin that until ya’ll runs outta puddin’. When ya’ll dun, put the lid on the crock pot an turn er up ta HIGH an let er cook til the cows comes home. Which be I’d say boutin 3 hurs from now.

When shes all cooked up an kinda bubbly take yer hanfuls a cheese and spread it on toppa the caseroll an let er cook til the cheeses starts to melt. When the cheese be melted real good take yer spoon an slop it on yer plate. I git bout 4-6 helpins pur batch.

Now Charlie likes to et mine within them Mexican japalano peppers an some a thum thar chittlin thangs what we used to eat the Gwackamolee I dun telled ya how to cook. I eat the gwackamolee within this chicken puddin’l too an its real good.

Let’s eat,
Cuzin Charlie

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