Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuesday's Soup

Hey Y'all,
I was hungry this afternoon and decided to make some soup. Since it were Tuesday, I figgered I'd call it Tuesday's Soup. Here's the fixins yer gonna need and how to cook it up:

Tuesday’s Soup
1 can cream of somethin or t’other soup – I’m partial to mushroom, chickin, or cellry
½ a soup can of milk (don’t you dare put no water in this here soup)
Couple handfulls of frozen veggies – I like peas, corn, carrots, limer beans, or them little tater chunks
Good size handful shredded cheddar cheese
Might smaller handful shredded mozzarella cheese
Salt and pepper   

Here’s how y’all cook it:

Get ya a pot biggin nuff to hold all the stuff
Open the soup
Get the rest of the stuff outta the frig and get it by the stove
Dump the soup in the pan
Fill the soup can halfway with milk and dump it in           
Stir it up with somethin
Now be a good time to toss the empty can out the winder or in the corner, you ain’t gonna need it no more
Toss yer veggies in the pot
Toss in yer cheese
Keep on a stirin til it gets hot (you can tell when its hot cause there be steam comin outta the pot and you can see little bubbles in there too)
Lick what yer stirrin the pot with and see how much salt and pepper you need to put in; keep on a lickin until it tastes real good

Pour it a bowl and eat it. Dependin on how hungry ya are, you can feed 1 to 4 helpins from each batch.

If y'all like it, let your cuz know. I need all the help I can git!

See ya later,
Cuzin Charlie

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  1. Now that sounds like some right good soup. I was just a wonderin iffn I could make it on a Thursday. I was thinkin' that I might throw in a few chucks of left over possum meat while it was a cookin' Ain't seen many recipes for left over possum and I sure hate to feed it to the dang dogs.